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My Cat Acts Like a Dog – Is This Normal?

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world because they have the ability to form strong bonds with their owners. We all know that cats and dogs come from different species, so it becomes a questionable act when your cat is acting like a dog.

Some cats behave like dogs more than you would expect, and the reasons behind these behaviors are normal. It could be because of their breed, personality or the fact that they were raised in close proximity to dogs.

This article outlines all the important information you should know when your cat is acting like a dog.

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What Cat Breeds Acts Like Dogs?

Your cat could be acting like a dog because of its breed – every cat breed is unique, but there are seven cat breeds that are more likely to act like dogs than others, which are explained below.

  1. The Manx Breed

This is a social breed of cats, and they are known to connect to their human companion like no other. These cats love to hang around their owners – they are travel bugs that love to accompany their owners on errands and enjoy walks with their human companions. A Manx cat will always keep you fit and healthy because they are excellent partners to go on walks with.

The caveats are overprotective Manx cats – they are very protective of their homes and do not like strangers entering them, just like dogs. They may offer their best dog-like meow to any stranger who dares to enter their house.

  1. The Maine Coon

maine coon cat acts like a dog

The Maine Coon cats are one of the largest cat breeds, known as the cat world’s retrievers. This means they love to play fetch, a game that many dogs play. These cats enjoy chasing the toys you throw and bringing them back to you.

  1. The Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora displays more dog-like behaviors than every other cat breed – they are extremely playful and derive pleasure from the center of your attention. These cats are very social as they love to welcome your guests and may join you in the water while swimming. They are also very devoted to their owners, and the best way to keep them healthy is through daily playtime.

  1. Ragdolls

Ragdolls are very snuggly cat breeds that are likely to follow you everywhere you go in your home, even to the bathroom. They love to snuggle up against their human companions and are the most comfortable when they are around them. So, if you have a Ragdoll at home, you should be prepared to give a lot of hugs and cuddles.

  1. Abyssinians

This cat breed is extremely athletic and vibrant – they are the best companions to take on outings and walks. These cats are easily leash trained and very playful, so you can enjoy a fun day in the park with your Abys.

  1. The Siamese and Burmese Breeds

These two cat breeds are close relatives who are extremely talkative like dogs – these cats are the most expressive and vocal of other cat breeds.

What Behaviors Do Cats and Dogs Have In Common?

Cats are not very different from each other as they share some characteristics, especially regarding their physical makeup. Cats and dogs communicate their feelings through body language – tail positions, ear positions, facial expressions, tail wagging, and so on. Through their body language, we can tell what they need and how they feel.

Cats and dogs have a strong sense of smell which they use to navigate the world – it helps them to get acquainted with other animals and understand their surroundings. In terms of behavior, these two pets circle their beds before taking a nap and can be very expressive for a wide range of reasons like hunger or discomfort. Cats and dogs also have a high risk of contracting the same diseases like heartworms.

Some Reasons Why Your Cat is acting like a Dog

Your Cat is Living or Has Lived with a Dog

If you are a cat and dog owner, you may notice that your cat and dog have become good friends. Your cat can grow up acting like a dog regardless of its breed; if your cat grew up around dogs, then there is a high chance she will exhibit some dog-like behaviors. So it is possible that because your cat only has a canine companion to socialize with, they may confuse their species.

In some rare cases, your cat will start to look up to their canine companion as a role model and take the dog’s way of living as the standard way. Your cat may pick up on common dog behaviors like rough playing or hanging around with people. It may not be common for most cats to behave like a dog simply because they have lived with a dog all their life, but it does happen.

Your Cat May be Acting Out as a Way to Receive Treats

training a cat like a dog auburndale fl

Some cats love to be the center of attention and will do anything to get it, including acting like dogs. Cat breeds like the Abyssinian and the Oriental Shorthair are great examples of cats acting out of the ordinary to get a few minutes of your attention. These cat breeds will exhibit unpredictable behavior to be the center of your attention.

Cats can also do tricks or play fetch like dogs do when they demand a treat or want some of your attention. This behavior is not common, but as expected, cats do everything for a reason. It could be because they want your attention, enjoy it, or look forward to the after-effect of their actions. Lastly, cats are inquisitive creatures, so they may stay with guests from when they step into your home until when they leave.

Your Cat May be Susceptible to Training

Cat breeds like the Siamese, the Maine Coon and the Russian Blue are very smart due to their headstrong nature, making them susceptible to training. Cats can be trained to act like dogs, teaching them how to fetch, perform tricks, and come when you call their name. So, if your cat is exhibiting dog-like behaviors like responding to commands, they may be susceptible to training.

Cats can quickly learn how to associate with a specific kind of behavior – if a cat is easily trainable, they will be eager to please their owners by showing them what they can do in hopes of getting a treat as a reward for their achievements.


Cats and dogs are not entirely different from each other, but they exhibit certain distinct behaviors. It is not abnormal to see your cat acting like a dog and is not something you should worry about. It is also never a bad idea for your cat to be able to perform some tricks and learn their name. So, if you notice that your cat is exhibiting dog-like behaviors, it may be because any of the reasons above.

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