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Reducing the Spread of Disease with Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Auburndale, FL

Dogs and cats are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings. But even living an unadventurous life can put your pet in the path of a viral threat. To protect your companion and other animals and people from infection, our veterinarians in Auburndale, FL, recommend vaccinations.

Cat and dog vaccinations are meant to work exactly like human vaccinations. They help to increase and maintain strong immunity in your pet so they can effectively fight off infection and stay healthier, longer.

Vaccinating our cherished dogs and cats can greatly reduce the spread of disease and make our community a much safer place!

If your pet is due to be vaccinated, call us today at (863) 967-5854 or make an appointment online.

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Are Vaccines Safe for My Pet?

At our Auburndale, FL, animal hospital, our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the safest, highest-quality vaccines for dogs and cats. We are mindful of your pet’s individual needs, and will only recommend vaccines they absolutely need for their protection. Additionally, we space out your pet’s booster shots, so they are not receiving too many at once.

Vaccine reactions are rare in pets, but even a small risk is still a risk. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about vaccines, their safety, and how frequently your companion will need to be vaccinated to maintain their immunity.

Our Recommended Vaccination Timeline for Dogs and Cats

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends specific guidelines for safely vaccinating dogs and cats and ensuring their maximum protection. We follow these guidelines closely to keep our patients happy and healthy. Our clinic carries both core vaccines, which are essential, and non-core vaccines, recommended based on various lifestyle factors.

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