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What to Do if Your Pet Needs Emergency Care in Auburndale, FL

We hope your pet never has a medical emergency, but should they need immediate attention for an illness or injury, please call our Auburndale, FL, animal hospital right away at (863) 967-5854. Our team will answer your questions and help you figure out what to do next.

During our opening hours, we can provide limited emergency services. If our clinic is closed for the day, please see our recommended emergency vet listed below and contact them right away if your pet is having an emergency.

dog getting fluids through drip

Signs Your Pet is Having a Medical Emergency

Pet emergencies occur in all kinds of ways. If any of these situations below apply to your pet, don’t hesitate to call our clinic at (863) 967-5854, or contact Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

  • Wheezing, panting heavily, and generally having trouble breathing
  • Experiencing a seizure (collapse, muscle twitching, stiffening of the limbs)
  • Hemorrhaging from a wound or from the mouth ears, or nose
  • Unable to stand or walk without falling over
  • Struck by a car
  • Fell from a high place
  • Attacked by another pet or wild animal
  • Possible broken bones and/or internal injury and bleeding
  • Continuous vomiting/diarrhea
  • Straining or unable to pass stool or urine