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Exotic Veterinary Medicine in Lakeland, FL

Along with treating dogs and cats, Lakeland Animal Clinic is also happy to welcome a variety of other species for essential preventive and medical care, including small rodents, rabbits, birds, and reptiles (but no primates!). Dr. Pratt has a special interest in providing lifelong care for these unique pets and educating their owners on how best to keep their companions in the best of health.

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Why Exotic Pets Need Routine Checkups, Too

At Lakeland Animal Clinic, we recommend annual health checkups for every pet--not just dogs and cats! Whether your preferred pet is an iguana, budgie, or guinea pig, we would love to see them as regularly as possible to monitor their health and offer suggestions to improve their quality of life. Many exotic pets are highly capable of concealing illness and pain, and outward signs might not become apparent to you until their symptoms have worsened considerably. With our help, you can catch problems much sooner and have them treated right away.

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Services for Exotic Pets

We can perform a variety of services to evaluate your pet’s health, treat illnesses, infections and injuries, and help them live a longer, better life. These services include:

  • Annual exams
  • Routine blood work to screen for disease
  • Digital radiography
  • Sick care
  • Surgery

If your pet has a complex health problem that we believe requires advanced care, we may refer you to a specialist.

Are You a First-Time Exotic Pet Owner?

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Exotic pets have many special needs that can make giving them the proper care a little more challenging. Unlike dogs and cats, certain species, especially reptiles, require specific modifications to their environment to thrive and stay healthy. Also, small mammals or “pocket pets” are not necessarily easy to care for just because they happen to be small.

If you’re a first-timer with a pocket pet, bird, reptile, or other exotic species, give us a call at (863) 967-5854 today to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to discuss your pet’s needs with you and answer all your questions.