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Experience Virtual Vet Visits with TeleVet

The Covid pandemic has made remote pet care a new norm for many pet parents. While in-person appointments are always ideal, Auburndale Veterinary Clinic is happy to accommodate clients and patients who may require service and care, but do not need to visit our clinic in person.

TeleVet is a mobile app designed to facilitate virtual veterinary consultations. If your companion seems mildly sick or injured, or needs a follow-up check with their vet, a virtual appointment might be sufficient to meet their needs. If you are interested in using TeleVet to schedule a virtual consultation, please see the instructions below to download the app!


Download TeleVet

Choose the Google Play or iTunes link provided below to download and install TeleVet to your mobile device. The app will ask you to create a profile for your pet (be sure to upload a photo of them). You can then request a consultation with your vet. Provide a brief explanation of your pet’s condition and the reason for the consultation. If you are able, upload a video or photo of your pet to better explain the situation.

You can use TeleVet to communicate with your vet via instant message or a face-to-face video conference call. If you have questions about TeleVet or virtual vet visits in general, please call us at (863) 967-5854.

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